Uploading logs from ZoneAlarm Mobile Security for Android


Note: Only upload logs when requested by ZoneAlarm Technical Support.


  1. Tap on the Menu icon (3 dots in upper right corner of the app)


  2. From the Menu tap on Settings.


  3. In the Settings menu tap on Report a bug via email.


  4. Type in a detailed description of the problem in the space provided, then tap the Submit button.


  5. Depending on your Android version and settings you Might be prompted to select your email app. If prompted select your email app now.

  6. Your email app will open and will have the logs attached to an email ready to be sent. Send this email as is.


  7.  After sending the email you must reply back to the ZoneAlarm Support representative who instructed you to send the logs, so that they know they are available.
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