Setting the level of alerts and log events


To set the levels of alerts and logging events:

  1. From the ZoneAlarm client main menu toolbar, select Tools > Logs.
  2. In the navigation tree, select Main.
    The Alerts and Logs window opens.
  3. In the Alert Events Shown section, select the level of alerts.

    High Shows all alerts.
    Medium Default. Shows high-rated security alerts. Most of them indicate hacker activity.
    Off Shows Program alerts only. See Ensuring Application Security ("Using Application Control for Application Security") for more information on this type of alerts.
    Note - Program alerts let you decide whether to grant or to deny access to a particular program.
  4. To turn the Event Logging on or off, select On (default) or Off in the Event Logging section.
    If the Event Logging is off, no information about the events will be logged.
  5. In the Program Logging section, select the level of logging.

    High Default. Creates a log entry for every program alert.
    Medium Creates log entries for high-rated program alerts only.
    Off Does not create log entries for program alerts.
  6. If necessary, customize the list of event types for which log entries are generated:
    1. Click Custom.
      The Custom Program Log Settings window opens.
    2. Select program event types.
    3. Click OK.
  7. Click OK.
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