Managing alerts and logs settings


ZoneAlarm software records various events in a log file. It also generates security alerts, which fall into one of these categories:

  • Informational - inform you that traffic was blocked according to your security settings. These alerts do not require feedback from you. You can simply close the alert window. The security settings do not change.
  • Program - ask you if you want to give permission to a program to access a local network or the Internet, or to act as a server. For more information on program alerts, see Understanding Application Control Alerts.
  • OSFirewall - inform you about the programs or processes on your computer that try to change the OS settings or your web browser settings. For more information on OSFirewall alerts, see Understanding OSFirewall Alerts.

If you want to reduce the number of alerts, or log entries, or change which events your ZoneAlarm software records and which alerts it generates, you can:

  • Change the level of alerts and logs
  • Select types of alerts and logs you want to see
  • Change the log archiving frequency and the location of the log archive
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