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You can schedule times for scans to run automatically in ZoneAlarm. By default, the periodic system-wide scan is set to the Quick Scan mode and runs once a week. You can edit scheduled scans to run at your preferred time.


Change periodic system-wide scan schedule:

  1. Click Tools in the main menu bar.
  2. Select Scheduled Tasks.
  3. In the Current Settings section, click Quick Scan occurs weekly.
  4. The Scheduled Tasks window opens.


    Note: If the periodic system-wide scan has been set to the Full Scan mode, the line in the current settings shows Full Scan occurs every 3 months. In this case, click occurs every 3 months.

  5. To schedule periodic quick scans, make sure the Antivirus Quick Scan is enabled
  6. Select the frequency of scans from the drop-down menu in the Frequency column:
    1. every day
    2. weekly (default)
    3. every 2 weeks
  7. To schedule periodic full scans, make sure the Antivirus Full Scan is enabled.
  8. Select the frequency of scans from the drop-down menu in the Frequency column:
    1. monthly
    2. every 3 months (default)
    3. every 6 months
    4. every year
  9. In the Initial Task Start Time column, select the date and the time for the first Antivirus Quick Scan and for the first Antivirus Full Scan.
  10. Click OK.

To see the date of the last scan and the date of the next scheduled scan, click the arrow to expand the scan configuration section of the window.


  • If your computer is not on, when the scheduled scan is set to run, the scan will run fifteen minutes after your computer restarts.
  • We suggest not performing a Full scan more than once a month due to the amount of time it could take to run and also may interfere with your PC usage.
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