Antivirus updates stopped working


Applies to only:

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security
ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus +Firewall
ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus +Firewall
Windows 10
Windows 7


Windows XP, Vista and 8/8.1 users do not apply this article.
Contact technical support for help.

If your Antivirus updates have stopped working anytime since Oct 25, 2021 you will need to install the latest version of ZoneAlarm to correct the problem.

Step 1.
Make sure to secure a copy of your license key before upgrading.

  1. Open ZoneAlarm software.
  2. Click Help located at the upper right corner and select About.
  3. When the About information box appears on your screen, click the Copy to Clipboard button at the bottom left of the box and click OK. This will Copy the information in the About Window, which has your license key.

  4. Paste the information in Notepad or any text editor you have and save it.

Step 2.
You are now ready to upgrade your ZoneAlarm.

  1. Download and Install your ZoneAlarm product from the list below. Remember to select the proper product or your license key may not work.
    ZoneAlarm Extreme Security
    ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus +Firewall
    ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus +Firewall
  2. Check for Updates after installing to know if you are now able to download AV signatures.
  3. Enter your license key your saved in Step 1 above into ZoneAlarm by clicking Tools and select Enter License.
  4. Click OK. Your subscription should now be active and you have completed the upgrade.

Step 2b.
If you get a message that your ZoneAlarm is cannot be upgraded or if you get an error during the upgrade process, please do a clean install of ZoneAlarm by following the instructions below.

  1. Right-click the Windows icon and select Apps and Features. Next, look for ZoneAlarm in the list of programs and uninstall it.
  2. When prompted to reboot the PC to finish the uninstall process and reboot PC.
    2b. If ZoneAlarm in not in the list to uninstall continue.
  3. Download the clean utility tool at this link and run the tool.
    Clean Tool
  4. Reboot your PC after running the clean utility tool.
  5. After rebooting, go back to Step 2 above and install the latest version of ZoneAlarm.


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