Set a scheduled scan

NEW v3.5 Legacy v15.x

ZoneAlarm v3.5 will automatically start an Antivirus scan of your PC on a set schedule.

There are 2 types of scans that can be performed.

  • Critical Scan, scans critical area of the file system and OS. This is a faster scan and can be done more frequently.
  • Full Scan, scans all file sand folders including any connected USB storage devices.
  1. To modify a scans schedule open ZoneAlarm and click the Antivirus icon.


  2. Click on Schedule scans.


  3. Click the Blue Setting button next to the Scan type you wish to modify.


  4. Now you can choose the Date you wish the scan to begin, the Time of day the scan will be performed and the Frequency of the scan.


  5. The Frequency can be Once, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
    After making your selections click the Save button.

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