Enabling Safe Browsing

  1. When Safe Browsing is not active there will be a Risk Detected in Safe Browsing. Tap on My Network.


  2. When Safe Browsing is not green that means it is disabled.Tap Enable VPN Permission.


    Note: The Mute option is to mute the Risk alert for Safe Browsing. Only ushe Mute if you plan on not enabling Safe Browsing and do not wish to see the risk detected alert message.

  3. Tap OK to the connection request.
    Safe Browsing uses VPN protocols to only monitor your browser traffic.


    Note: This is not a complete VPN solution protecting all data in and out of your mobile device.

  4. A green notification next to Safe browsing this its enabled and working along with a Key icon in the top status bar on your device.



If Safe Browsing will not stay enabled see Why Safe Browsing will not stay active for help.


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