Install ZoneAlarm Mobile Security via Google Play


ZoneAlarm Mobile Security is the complete security solution for your mobile device. It uses advanced enterprise-grade technology to protect your smartphone or tablet from the most advanced cyberattacks. With a “privacy-first” approach, your device becomes impenetrable to hackers. Your precious data and sensitive information are protected at all times.


  1. Click the link below to install your app:


  2. When the installation is complete, tap the Open button.


  3. You can swipe left to view a short tutorial or tap skip.
    The next 3 screens will be asking for permission to access functions on your phone so that all features of Mobile Security can function.


  4. ZoneAlarm Mobile Security is now installed.


    - Note: The app may be in an activated, trial, or expired mode.
    - When purchased directly from the Google Play store, the app will be active.
    - For help with activation, see Activating Mobile Security.


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