I have not received a response to my email.


ZoneAlarm Technical Support and Customer Service track and reply to all valid email messages.

However, there are several possible reasons if you do not receive a response from us:

You replied to a support email and your reply originated from a different email address than the original email address you used when you first contacted us.

  • Our support ticketing system does not allow you to switch to a different email address from the original email you used when you contacted us, this is to protect us from spam.
  • You will need to resend your response using the original email address you started with.

If you use a Spam-blocking application service:

  • Do not use a spam-blocking service unless it notifies you about incoming email messages so that you can approve them. For security reasons, our email management system removes all HTML code including links, and therefore prevents us from validating the message. Additionally, the spam-blocking service prevents us from notifying you that we are unable to validate the message.
  • Please use a different email account, or arrange to have email coming from Zonelabs.com pre-approved.


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