I am having a problem playing an Online Game with ZoneAlarm running.

  1. Turn Gaming Mode on, right Click the ZA icon in the System tray. Select Game Mode. Note: Game Mode takes 2-3 minutes to become operational. Do not start your game until you have waited 2-3 minutes.
  2. If you wish to perform advanced configurations follow the following directions.

If you are having problem getting an online game to run properly, the first thing to do is to check the game's help files or support site. Try searching for the word ZONEALARM, if that does not show anything, try the word FIREWALL. Follow those instructions. For generic firewall information, use the instructions below that apply to the manufacturer's instructions:

  1. Many games run in 'exclusive' full screen mode. This prevents ZoneAlarm Alerts, as well as normal windows error messages, from appearing. When you are unable to see a ZoneAlarm Alert while you are playing a full screen game there are a few things you can do to attempt to remedy the problem:
    • Set your game to run in a window. This will allow you to see the alert if the game is running in a resolution lower than your desktop. If your mouse is locked to the game try pressing the windows key, and you should be able to use the mouse to click on the alert. Then simply reset the game to run full screen after allowing it Internet access. Check the game documentation or support site for information on how to run the game in a window.
    • Change your rendering mode to 'Software Rendering'. This will allow Windows to overlay the ZoneAlarm Alert on top of your game screen. After allowing Internet access, you can change back to your preferred rendering device. Check the game documentation or support site for information on how to change this.
    • Press Alt-Tab to toggle back into windows. This leaves the game running, but allows you to respond to the alert. Once you have allowed Internet access you press Alt-Tab again to restore your game. This may cause some applications to crash, especially if you are using Glide or OpenGL; however, the problem should be corrected the next time you run the game. Sometimes you can use Alt-Enter in the place of Alt-Tab.


In some cases you may need to drop both Public and Trusted Zones to Medium security while Playing. Setting the Public and Trusted Zones security levels to medium does not leave you unprotected, as ZoneAlarm, in addition to its firewall capabilities, provides protection against hackers through its unique application control feature. Our product only allows applications the user specifically approves to communicate through the Internet. Our two measures of security taken together provide the utmost protection for our users.

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