How do I uninstall the Security toolbar from my browser (powered by Conduit)



  1. To remove the ZoneAlarm Security toolbar (powered by Conduit Software)
    Download the following uninstall tool made just for the conduit version of the security toolbar.
    Click the following link and we suggest saving to your desktop so you can easily find it later.
    Click Here to download and save the conduit toolbar uninstaller.
  2. Open Internet Explorer or FireFox.
    Click on the down arrow next to the Z icon in the toolbar.

    Then click About in the drop down menu.

    Make note of the CTID value. You will need this later to remove the toolbar.
  3. Now you will need to open the Run command box.
    On Windows 7 and Vista: Click Start > All Programs > Accessories >Run
    On Windows XP: Click Start > Run
    In the Run window click the Browse button.
    Then find the Uninstaller.exe file you downloaded and saved earlier in step #1
    Click on the uninstaller.exe file once to select it, and click the Open button.
    Click at the end of the text in the Open field so that the flashing cursor appear at the end of the text.
    You should now see the Run box with something similar to this in the Open field area.
  4. Now you will need the CTID value you got from step #2
    With cursor flashing at the end of Uninstaller.exe in the Open field
    IMORTANT NOTE: only add a space to the text when you see the word [space]
    Otherwise the toolbar will not be removed.
    Input the following:
    [space]–ctid=enter your ctid value here[space]-ie[space]-ff
    Here is an Example how it should look
  5. Now click the OK button
    Allow the program to run for a full minute. There will be no indicators that it has finished.
    If you receive an error then either your CTID value was incorrect OR
    you inputted the information in step #4 incorrectly.
    Also if the toolbar is still present in the browser
    then start from the beginning and run through the steps again.
  6. After waiting a full minute you can open IE or FireFox and the toolbar will be gone.
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