I installed ZoneAlarm Extreme Security and cannot find ZoneAlarm Mobile Security


If you have ZoneAlarm Extreme Security and have a license in good standing and have upgraded to Extreme 2019 released on 4/29/2019 or later then ZoneAlarm Mobile Security is a feature and included with ZoneAlarm Extreme Security.

To get your ZoneAlarm Mobile Security download and activation link, you must have purchased ZoneAlarm Extreme Security directly from our website ZoneAlarm.com. If you have purchased directly from ZoneAlarm you would have had an online account created at the time of purchase.

Login to your online account at https://zonealarm.com/myaccount

To Login you must use your email address that was used when you placed your order on the ZoneAlarm website.
Then input your password which you were required to setup at the time of purchase.

If you forgotten your password click the link at the login page to have a temporary password emailed to your email address that on your account only.


Once you're logged into your online account find the section: Mobile app license keys

Click the Generate button.

An email will be sent to the email address associated to your online account and will have directions how to install and activate ZoneAlarm Mobile Security on your mobile device.

If you have any questions please contact technical support.

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