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ZoneAlarm Extreme NextGen has been localized in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Danish, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (Simplified PRC & Traditional Taiwan), Dutch, Hebrew, Japanese, Mongolian, Romanian and Swedish  languages.

During installation ZoneAlarm will detect the language of your operating system and if the language is supported ZoneAlarm will be installed in that language. If your language is not supported ZoneAlarm will be installed in English.

To change the language of ZoneAlarm Extreme NextGen after its been installed.

  1.  Open ZoneAlarm Extreme NextGen and click on the Profile icon.


  2.  Click on Languages Preference.


  3.  Click on the Language selector drop-down.


  4. Select your Language.


  5.  Click the OK button


  6.  ZoneAlarm Extreme NextGen will close, change the language so that next time you open ZoneAlarm Extreme NextGen the language you have chosen will be shown.

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