Real Time Cloud Protection


Real Time Cloud Protection is a new advanced antivirus/anti-spyware feature, introduced in ZoneAlarm 2014. It provides real-time verification of file signatures against up-to-date cloud-based Kaspersky databases. This enhances the performance of protection components, speeds up response time to new malware threats, and reduces the risk of false-positive detection's.

To protect your computer even better, and to optimize its performance, you can customize some of the Advanced Antivirus & Anti-spyware options:

  • Scan Options and Riskware Categories - lets you fine-tune the scanning process
  • Scan Targets - lets you select the drives, folders, files, and system components for on-demand system scans
  • Exceptions - lets you specify directories, files, or programs that you do not wish to scan for viruses and malware. This can be useful in cases when you know these directories, files, and programs are safe, but will reduce your overall protection level
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