Why Safe Browsing will not stay active


Note: Safe Browsing is a feature of the Android version of ZoneAlarm Mobile Security.


Safe Browsing uses the Android OS VPN function to provide a secure browsing experience.
When another apps also use a VPN connection Safe Browsing disable itself.

The Android OS only allows one VPN connection to be active on your device at one time. This is a limitation of the Android OS and not Mobile Security.

If your connected to a VPN to secure all internet traffic on your device or there is another app that utilizes a VPN connection and is running Safe Browsing will be disabled and you will get an alert that that a Risk is detected in Mobile security.

Some VPN apps cannot work together with Safe Browsing and you will need to remove the ZoneAlarm VPN profile from your mobile device settings.

To remove the VPN profile and disable Safe Browsing:

  1. Open Mobile Security and tap My Network.


  2. If Safe Browsing is not enabled you will need to enable it. Once enabled tap Disable VPN Permissions.


  3. Tap Disable at the prompt, you will be taken to the VPN profile on your device. If your not taken there then follow the directions in the prompt.


  4. Edit the ZoneAlarm VPN profile


  5. Delete/Forget VPN the ZoneAlarm profile


    Now Safe Browsing has been disabled.
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