Activate ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall


To activate ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall on your PC, you will need to copy the license key/activation code you received at the time of purchase and past it inside ZoneAlarm software. You can find the license key/activation code in your ZoneAlarm account under the subscription details.


Activate ZoneAlarm for PC

  1. Login to myAccount.
  2. Click My Products from the tab menu.
  3. Copy the license key/activation code located in the subscription details.
  4. Open your ZoneAlarm software by double clicking the shortcut icon on your desktop.


  5. On the ZoneAlarm main screen click Tools from the upper right menu.
  6. Select Enter License.


  7. Past the license key/activation code you copied from your account.
  8. Click OK.


  9. A message that your license was Successfully installed is shown. Click OK.

    Note: If you receive a message the license was invalid, double check if your license was inputted correctly and is for the proper product installed on.


  10. The number of days your protection is good for will be shown in the lower right corner of ZoneAlarm.

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