ZoneAlarm does not remember my settings


You are having problems with ZoneAlarm, these problems could include:

  • Programs keep asking for access after I grant access, and check the remember settings.
  • A program that was working (including internet), suddenly stopped working (was not updated).
  • No matter what I do I cannot get an application to work.
  • There is a red X over the ZoneAlarm system tray icon.
  • The VSmon service will not start.
  • I just upgraded something and the program is not working correctly.
  • When recommended by Technical Support for other issues.

There may be a problem with your vsmon service. ZoneAlarm is dependent on its vsmon service to function properly. You may need to refresh the files associated with this service, especially after a networking change, Windows OS change, or ZoneAlarm update.

To repair this problem, please follow the steps below. Please note that this will remove your program permission settings (so you may want to make note of them), but re-establishing them is a simple process.

  • Open ZoneAlarm
  • Click the Tools drop down menu
  • Click Preferences
  • Click the Reset to Default Button
  • Next reboot your PC.
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