ZoneAlarm license activation


Note: This article applies to the following products only.
ZoneAlarm Extreme Security
ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus+Firewall
ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall

Note: To proceed you will need your ZoneAlarm License.
Click here if you do not have your ZoneAlarm License.


Activation steps:

1. Open ZoneAlarm by clicking on the shortcut icon on your PC's desktop.



2. Click the Tools drop down menu and select Enter License.



3. Its recommended you Copy and Paste your License into the space provided and click OK.
Note: License in the example below is non-functioning. 



4. If the license was entered correctly and the license is for the product that has been installed on your PC you will get a message that it was successfully installed.



5. ZoneAlarm will display the number of days that the license is valid for in the lower right corner.
The number of days shown will depends on your subscription length and if the license has been activated already.



Click here if you do not have your ZoneAlarm License.


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