What is Web Secure?


Web Secure is a new enhanced version of the Anti-Phishing chrome extension.

Along with Anti-Phishing we now include Threat Extraction.

Threat Extraction Checks downloaded files for malicious content.
Scans downloaded files and removes malicious code from them.

Supported file types for Threat Extraction:

pdf     Portable Document Format
fdf      Forms Data Format
doc     Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document
docx   Microsoft Word Document
docm  Microsoft Word Macro Enabled Document
dotx   Microsoft Word Open XML Document Template
dotm  Microsoft Word Open XML Macro Enabled Document Template
dot     Microsoft Word Document Template
xls      Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Worksheet
xlsx    Microsoft Excel Worksheet
xlsm   Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Worksheet
xlsb    Microsoft Excel Binary Worksheet
xlt      Microsoft Excel Template
xltx    Microsoft Excel Template
xltm   Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Template
xlam   Microsoft Excel Add-in
ppt     Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation
pptx   Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
potx   Microsoft PowerPoint Template
potm  Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Template
pptm  Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation
ppam Microsoft PowerPoint Add-in
ppsx  Microsoft PowerPoint Slideshow
ppsm Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Slideshow
pps    Microsoft PowerPoint Legacy Slideshow
pot    Microsoft PowerPoint Legacy Template
ppa   Microsoft PowerPoint Add-in

If you have any questions please contact technical support.

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