How to remove the Conficker worm. (also known as Downup, Downadup, and Kido)


Conficker, also known as Downup, Downadup, and Kido, is a computer worm that surfaced in October 2008 and targets the Microsoft Windows operating system. The worm exploits a previously patched vulnerability in the Windows Server service.

What to do if you are infected.

  1. Make sure your PC has active, updated security software and the latest virus signature updates:
    • Click "Anti-virus" on the left navigation bar, click "Update Now". (ZoneAlarm is set to receive virus signature updates several times a day you can set them to happen hourly by going to the Antivirus panel and clicking Advanced Options.)
    • To make sure your product is up-to-date, click Check for Updates on the main panel, lower left corner. (under Quick Tasks)
  2. If you see any virus with the name Downup, Downadup or Kido in the scan results, remove immediately with the a stand-alone removal utility (
    • Download the archive and extract the contents into a folder on the infected PC.
    • Run file kk.exe
    • When the scan is over an active window of the command prompt may be displayed on your computer monitor, in order to minimize the window press any button.
    • Wait till the scanning is complete.
    • Perform full Antivirus scan of your computer with your ZoneAlarm.
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