Most valuable feature request your urgent attention for 2021

Let me summarize something most wanted for the latest ZA updates.

1. There must be an option that suite the best optimal performance when my system is running in low ram and it can be manually or automatically switched with reference for the daily events I am utilizing my laptop. Sometimes I need more attention for complete privacy even while online and this support feature must balance all background activity for these concerns. I find my laptop must change the occurrence of all the modules that are active for aligning with saving time and if there is any doubt an well-said wizard can be implemented to create profiles for my activity hours.

2. There is a must for making PC tune-up feature added for saving more time that sync everything what it meant for. I must state an additional support that it exercise contribute to make the fastest PC made ever. What tune-up versions lacks is cleaning online caches in the real time environment where the best suggestions can vary for the most significant activities. It must be real time active when I switch between different applications. More time will be saved if it does some magic creating an virtual cache for saving my data usage. As sometimes I always repeat my daily activity often. PC tune-up feature must also sponsors for virtual exchange of some details that are shared in our community and everything starts by rethinking in the way my daily tasks can be done better. 

3. There must be vpn associated with ZA extreme security. A difference I find we must maintain a list of scenario that foretells that it cannot be tracked. Usually I find if I use vpn to browse many websites, it says that we cannot access it as they suspect some unusual activity like vpn. So ZA must come with some idea that can really make the control switch for an scan that foretells these websites what they cannot even guess.

4. There must be many good features like web cam security that is active live when some websites access them. The most feature that make ZA security even better is that those website cannot actually see me but my virtual avatar that I like to align my facial expression using this web cam feature.

5. There must be an option with the firewall notifications for additional option that when clicked I can set each of such activity like "allow only once" and similar settings without just opening the ZA firewall module each time. There must be an option to give the user when he suspects that there is a threat to scan the network associated ports and links manually and such alerts can be reported live for further future vulnerabilities.

6. There must be additional feature like backup feature that automatically saves everything either in an external harddisk or within the same pc very compressed within a fraction of second that any time my PC goes vital wrong I can recover the entire image while running the ZA special module saved in my usb stick or just by connecting it corrupted machine to any online connections.

7. There must be some security even in insecurities. If it comes for saving passwords or other bookmarks there must be an encryption well-versed with my facial recognition as password. If there is any sensitivity that I am being monitored then the real game ZA does is that my background will be checked and even if I leave my PC in a public place or I may be away from my desk, this feature will lock my PC settings.

8. What happens when someone who want to trouble me, came into my home and suspected deleted or shred my C drive. Can ZA save anything so vulnerable activity even if it is done from another network id. Will I get alert over my phone that serious administrative login or OTP is required to proceed.

9. Where am I who can use the entire settings so much making myself anywhere but still have access to everything like an ordinary cyber-journalist? How will I be reminded about what went wrong that caused the troubleshooting to start again? What should I do for more features that is likely to be used only after my consent shared with guidelines? Can anti-ramsonware make it better more powerful using any application update being traceable like the option of whatsapp to be opened by web url link? Can I recover everything safe if my PC is stolen and I may be reported by autoactivating the connection even if my laptop is still unseen? Where is the tracking virtual id for my ZA extreme security? Where is the time it is evident what each application tracks and how to avoid using the best way that can be implemented? Can I save more time without sacrificing anything that states I can save everything not in cloud but an extended security that can replicate my activity anywhere while I travel with this virtual scenario happening only with my monitor? Can this be enabled for an family person or any student who like to experiment even every bad things without being traced? Who knows that it is a concern we are aware that we are tracked and how will ZA help such activity a gain for the simple users like us? It is said who wants to learn our cyber activity needs to pay someone who is enabled just for a demo but you can never defraud a ZA customer with weak short links that they send us just to gain another honeypot access. How are we warned before anything happens? Can you create a device that can make this efficient by an Zone Alarm home-based virtual center that timely updates even every software module from this directly connected hardware device ZA provides using my regular router side by side? When shall I be warned that real security is not a game without situations that are so vulnerable now? How will I fight any legal battle without going to court for compensatory costs? Does ZA can do something that even awakes a sleeping PC when the real activity cannot be shutdown for this vulnerability that exists in every laptop our home situations cannot avoid? Who is the master, hacker or ZA? Can you implement a different strategy for even websites like Facebook that seeks our transparency for making money from collecting data that must be accepted by every user for using their cookies as genuinely known for what they actually does? Does ZA can clean such privacy issues every-time I switch on my laptop to be near this channel known as online environment? Who will restore my privacy even when I go wrong as I am not a machine but being human I am still concerned?

10.  There must be some administrative privileged that matters for everything so told. I must be warned what any suspected activity can cause and even though I dont take notice due to personal problems or busy scheduled, it is Zone Alarm that keeps this day awake to be better.

11. I can connect anywhere anytime using this encrypted connection that is alive just for a click. How it changes the entire sandboxed activity is never vulnerable again. It just want to know what network and how any feature may be added with the blink of an eye. So closely I dont even have to type anything more. But any suspected vulnerability remains nothing is no more the same.

Please do let me know if I need to clarify anything. I am looking for an detailed review. 




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    Thank you for your detailed suggestions and they will be passed on for possible consideration.

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