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I have an LG Velvet.  I have and ZoneAlarms app on my phone and have the VPN set to always on.  It keeps disconnecting.  Is this the wrong setting?  There are NO instructions anywhere that I can find telling me how to correctly set this up correctly.  Any suggestions?  It has been doing this the past couple of weeks.  If I tap on the ZoneAlarms app icon, the VPN connects.  What is going on?   



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  • Hi,

    ZoneAlarm Mobile Security uses the VPN protocols built in to the Android OS to provide one of its protections.( This is different from a real full VPN connection, ZA is not providing a VPN solution)

    Currently the way the Android OS works is that only one app can use the VPN protocols/functionality in the Android OS at a time.

    The reason why the VPN drops in ZA is because there is another app on your phone that's also trying to use the VPN android OS function and since only one app at t time can use it our connection get dropped.

    This is just how Android work at this time. There nothing any app creator can do about this because its just how android works and would be up to Google to change it.



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