IIS and other services will not load when ZoneAlarm is running

If you are running ZoneAlarm on a workstation please read the following: Difficulties that some users experience using IIS and ZoneAlarm seem to be related to the order in which services start. Contributing factors include the speed of the machine, how many other services are trying to start up at the same time and how fast the services respond when they start up, etc. 

Symptoms include either IIS or ZoneAlarm TrueVector service not starting. If you lose access to File and Folder Properties, this may also the result of a conflict between IIS and ZoneAlarm. The first time you launch the firewall, these services may be blocked before they have a chance to be listed as trusted in the Programs list. 

If you are having problems running IIS on your own machine, it may be using localhost ( for access. Try adding that IP address to the trusted Zone. 

If IIS is not recognized by ZoneAlarm, open the Internet Service Manager in IIS. Next, stop/re-start Web, FTP, and SMTP services. Upon restarting these services, ZoneAlarm should then prompt for permission to allow Internet access. Say yes and allow server rights to Internet Information Services and MS DTC console. WWW Publishing Services should next prompt for Internet access. Say yes and allow server rights. 

IIS will also require ports to be opened. Usually web servers require ports 80 and 8080. However, we suggest you review your web server requirements with the applications you are running on the server. There may be other ports required if you have any Secure pages. 

In ZoneAlarm, Click on the Antivirus & Firewall --> Under Advanced Firewall Click View Zones --> Select either the Trusted Zone or Public Zone tab -->scroll down to the appropriate port type, TCP or UDP and Incoming or outgoing. Check the box next to the appropriate port and a text box will appear where you can enter the port number(s) below. Type the port number or range (i.e. 6970-7070) you would like opened. 

If that doesn't resolve the issue, then reinstalling IIS should work for most users. Our engineers are working on this issue and hope to have this resolved as quickly as possible. We will provide any developments regarding server support on our Web site. 


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