What is new in ZoneAlarm Extreme Secruity 2019 (released on 4/29/2019)

All current customers who have a license in good standing of:

  • ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall
  • ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus +Firewall
  • ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

Qualify for a free upgrade to the 2019 edition released on 4/29/2019

New for all ZoneAlarm products above:

  • Web Secure, blocks phishing attacks and safely download documents in Chrome
  • Bug fixes and Improvements

New for ZoneAlarm Extreme only:

  • Anti-Ransomware
  • ZoneAlarm Mobile Security

We have removed the following from ZoneAlarm:

  • Find My Laptop
  • Online Backup

If you have any questions please contact technical support.

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