Upgraded to Windows 10 and ZoneAlarm is gone.

The version of ZoneAlarm you were running when you upgraded to Windows 10 was not compatible with Windows 10. Thats why after your Windows upgrade ZoneAlarm is gone but this can be easily fixed.

There is a new version of ZoneAlarm which is Windows 10 compatible and ready to be installed.

Windows 10 may already have our update ready to be installed.

To check go to the lower right corner of your screen and click on the Action Center icon


The Action Center will appear and if you see a section called Security and Maintenance notifying you that there is a new version of ZoneAlarm, Click on that message.


Your upgrade will begin and just follow all the prompts to install ZoneAlarm.

If you do not have the Above message you can still download and install a Win 10 compatible version.

Click the download link for the software that you purchased or the Free version you were running.

Note: Very important if you purchased ZoneAlarm that you download the proper product otherwise you will have ZoneAlarm installed but running in a 30 day trial or will be expired on your PC.

Click one of the following download links.

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security - click here

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite - click here

ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus +Firewall - click here

ZoneAlarm Pro - click here

ZoneAlarm FREE Firewall - click here

ZoneAlarm FREE Antivirus +Firewall - click here

Depending on what your default browser is you will see the installer download in that browser and this is how to run the installer.

Windows 10 Edge browser

In the bottom part of the browser you will see the installer downloaded.


After the download has finished click on the RUN button to begin the installation.


 Firefox browser

A download box will appear Click the Save File button.


When the download has completed Click on the downward pointing arrow at the top right area of Firefox

Then click on the installer file that was just downloaded to begin the installation.


Chrome Browser

In the bottom left area of the browser you will see the file being downloaded.


When the download has completed, click on installer icon to begin installation.


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