I'm having problems receiving or composing Yahoo mail.

The inability to compose or receive email with yahoo commonly results from the privacy settings being set too high. Here are some steps that you can do to enable you to send and receive yahoo mail. 

Add yahoo to your site list in the privacy area. 

  • Open ZoneAlarm 
  • Go to Antivirus & Firewall
  • Under the Advanced Firewall section click on Settings
  • Click the View Zones button
  • Click the Add button >> Select Host/Site from menu
  • Leave Zone as Trusted.
  • Under Host name type in the site you want to add (mail.yahoo.com)
  • In description enter a description (ie. Yahoo mail)
  • Click the OK button to add. 

After doing this mail.yahoo.com should show up in the View Zones list with a zone set to Trusted.

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