ZoneAlarm Extreme Secuirty Next Gen - needs work

I 'upgraded' from ZA Extreme Security to Next Gen a few months ago, and wanted to give some feedback on what I think of the new UI.

It's a more 'modern' look, but I find it frustrating as it appears to be unreliable and unfriendly, i.e.

The Anti-virus signature updates can no longer be done manually, and it happens automatically. However, my experience is that it can take a long time (hours) for the update to occur - so much so that I've raised support calls as I thought it was no longer working. I am so untrusting of this process that I'm not sure I trust ZA.

There's no audit trail/log that you can check to see what automated processes have (or have not) been performed - I haven't been able to find anything via the UI, or in any of the ZA directory structure.

I'm not convinced that the tool detects new product updates, so have to keep checking ZA's website myself.

I know that it was considered that the old Extreme Security was old-fashioned, but the new one is far to simplistic and un-trustworthy (due to the lack of automation audit/logging). 

I'm now thinking that if I can't 100% trust ZA Next Gen, then maybe I should be looking at another provider.

What do other users of Next Gen think ?








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