Features requests - Zonealarm nextgen - (Last post update 12.August.2022).

Features requests - Zonealarm nextgen - (Last post update 12.August.2022).


New requests for functionality added to this post

  • An option to manual scan single files with Threat emulation via the cloud (upload or check with the same behavior as downloaded files via the web browser addon).
  • Installation of fresh install should come with latest versions of modules and quite updated signature.

If it is a problem to implement it at this stage – Then I would suggest manual update button. also suggesting changing the note that says that "Your version is up to date" while it is not , specially with outdated modules on fresh install. Right now, from what I notice in my tests – It can take the "Task schedular" – one of the mechanisms that take care of the updating process anything between few minutes to whole day or only after a reboot or more to do an update for the missing modules or newest signature for the first install.

  • Would like a statistic dashboard that show a history of detected threats on the computer.
  • Firefox addon need a boost in some elements.
  1. Option to open files after downloading them.
  2. Button with an option to open the folder of the downloaded file.
  3. While the addon got installed it not giving an option to enable it in private windows. That’s mean that it doesn't work on private modes at all if not manually set. (On my browser it always stays in that state and I have to manually enable it). I believe that with the policy (organization managed) that zonealarm force on the web browser - then it possible to enable it without user prompt.
  • Optional functionality for the web browsers addon. Will suggest kind of a trust indicator for websites that not been flagged as malicious. My suggestion is to use Mechanism that is known with addons from SEO (search engine optimization) field. Information about the age of the domain, Trust level by backlinks from trustable sites. There are large databases like Ahrefs and MOZ with things Like Domain rating -DR- or Page rank etc. Will suggest simplifying it for regular user.
  • Optional request for your consideration. Option to scan for softwares on the pc and show to the user if there are a known vulnerability with the version that they are using. There are some known open to public databases and tools that give that option in different level and purposes. Possible option to use administrator prompt for using this functionality.
  • Optional block for entering to and from other resources on the home network. Blocking access to the default gateway and other resources. It is a known feature that been used with some VPN providers. Could help especially with internal websites scripts that trying to login to the router/Default gateway to infect the firmware.
  • Would suggest an option for the need of administrator rights to toggle off the main elements such as the Antivirus, firewall etc…

Previous requests about Functionality added to this post:

  • Manual AV signature update is missing and it very desirable.
  • An option to delete quarantine files from quarantine is missing.
  • Within Firefox add-on – missing an option to open downloaded files or open the folder where the file located. I believe it Should function as the default Firefox dialog.
  • Enable manual file or folder scan while other Automatic scan in process.
  • Option to scan large files (and inside archives) without size limit or at least to fix size (Especially for manual file and folder scan). Right now from what I see it skipping it. (The feature been there in legacy product as uncheck limit for 8 MB).
  • Apps control for the firewall.


New requests about UI added to this post:

  • Would like to have reference for detected threats in total at the end of the scan (Or to write zero known threats were found).
  • Would like to get a small notification on the side when a full scan has been complete (With the results of the scan).
  • Almost in any version, old or beta – on the main home menu there is the indication that says that the version is up to date. It's not the case in many situations (even on fresh install before all the updating modules in the process). But the main problem is people and also antivirus reviewers use old versions, and they believe it is the latest version and also think that the signature is up to date. I would suggest changing the static writing and give real indication if there is a newer stable version (or beta).
  • I've noticed that even though the indicator for a scan might show 100 percent and that it finished – the threat emulation might work in the background on the same scan after it. Sometimes likes in the after boot automatic scan it show it finished but there isn't an option to close the scan and it take resources. On boot scan I've notive sometimes it take it about 20 minutes until it really stopped and free the cpu resources. My suggestion is to provide some feedback for the user that Zonealarm keeping analyzing files via multiple engines and also via the comprehensive scans in the cloud.

Previous requests about UI added to this post:

  • The taskbar icon should notify when one of the modules is turned off and not protecting.
  • Suggestion – rename the scan button on the home page to quick/smart/critical scan etc... Then people would know there is also a full scan somewhere they need to search.




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