"Computer was prevented from connecting to a restricted site ("

I'm getting these messages constantly now.

So far, I haven't noticed any adverse effects beside those messages popping up.

  1. Why am I getting these messages now?
  2. Why is my own computer restricted?
  3. Why doesn't setting a rule to define - as a trusted range seem to have any effect?
  4. Why isn't disabling these alert messages an option?

Thank you for your help



  • Hi,

    This would be my personal thought from my experience with ZoneAlarm.

    1. Something changed on the PC recently that makes ZA react differently. Anything from an application upgrade, new application, Windows updates, change in windows setting, change in windows networking and upgrade to drivers, or network drivers etc...

    2. This could be changes in your windows network settings, or changes in the ZA settings.

    3. Could be the zone which you set your network adapter in, a setting in windows networking changed and ZA then follows that setting to set the adapter zone in ZA. Or the network adapter zone was changed in ZA.

    The main takeaway from this is if everything was working fine then suddenly this started happening suggests something with you PC changed and created this issue. So many things could have changed its really hard to know.  You have to back track and think of everything that happened since  it was working fine. That's hard to do when windows will silently update it self and you don't know everything its doing.

    to verify its not a ZA setting that was changed or a custom setting in ZA you made is to reset all the option to default. just like it came when it was installed. Then reboot.

    Then you will know your ZA setting were not creating the issue.

    You can reset to default under the tolls menu in the Preferences section.


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  • Thank you so much, Islandstumbler, for your reply!
    I didn't have much hope of anybody replying here (The forum shows as having no other posts besides this one??)

    Unfortunately, the nature of these messages is highly erratic and, of course, I don't know how to (re)produce them.
    Making diagnosis much more difficult, I have since installed the latest Windows updates (feature, security, frameworks, etc) 🤦‍♂️

    At the moment, I'm not seeing those "rogue" messages any more (which might, as you well implied, be down to any number of things)

    But, in the meantime: I remembered a day where my ISP was undertaking infrastructure maintenance and the internet connection dropped out for a couple of hours. During that time, while having YouTube tabs open in a browser, I saw messages like

    Your computer was prevented from connecting to a restricted site (something.googlevideo.com)

    In that case, it seemed like the site (as in "URL") wasn't actually restricted (why would it be?), but either some mechanism redirected these requests to a "bad" range, or "unresolvable"/"unreachable" is interpreted here as "restricted".

    For now, I'll have to wait and see if/when it crops up again.

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