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  • Hello,

    We need to remove the software and run our CLEAN tool to delete any bad residuals of the program that is possibly be causing this problem.

    After that, we reinstall the software with the latest version.

    1. Right-click on the WINDOWS icon (bottom-left) on your screen .
    2. Select the option APPS AND FEATURES.
    3. Locate for ZoneAlarm Security and UNINSTALL it then reboot PC when prompted.
    4. When your machine has rebooted, run the CLEAN.exe file which is the updated Clean tool of ZA to remove residual file of the old version.

    Please use this link:

    5. Reboot when prompted
    6. Download and reinstall ZoneAlarm using the link below :

    NOTE: Your license key will only work for the product you purchased so it's important to download and install the correct product.

    7. Enter your key by following these steps after the installation is complete.

    Open ZA, go to 'tools' in ZA and click on 'enter license key'.

    Copy and paste your key in the blank space, then hit enter.

    If you don't enter the key it will give you the trial period for 30 days.

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