Suggested Remedy for Windows 10 Conflict with Zonealarm after Windows updates?

after updating with windows 10 via KB5001716 and KB5037768 updates, I found the Event Viewer to show conflicts with ZoneAlarm Free specifically in CheckPoint related files and Windows 10 ran slower, and files began to take 1-2 minutes to open. However, there has also been an ongoing issue since an early update with Windows 10 Home Edition that I have seen CheckPoint Event warnings. Zone Alarm also will seem to freeze up. Please let me know if anyone has suggestions besides resetting Zonealarm, as I have multiple settings to block or allow various programs already.



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    Hi Joshua,

    Thanks for getting in touch. The following services are all essential for ZoneAlarm to fully protect your system: 

    - Tesvc 
    - ZAprivacy service 
    - ZA NET ICM service 
    - Checkpoint Sandblast agent Cipolla 
    - Updater, and 
    - EFR


    Disabling or uninstalling these services could put your security at risk. If you're having issues with the latest Windows update, please contact our support team for help. They can give you detailed troubleshooting steps to fix the problem.


    You can reach our support team via live chat at or by emailing


    Best regards,

    Jasen T.

    ZoneAlarm Support Team

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