Auto-scan for virusses at startup of computer

Hi, everytime my computer boots to windows it will start a scan for virusses. This process takes a while each time and puts alot of strain on my computer. There seems to be no way of disabling this. I was told that it was designed this way. It's very annoying that it does that. What is the use to schedule scans if it already scans at every startup? Hopefully like to see an option of disabling that behaviour in the future.

Making programs do everything by themself without letting users take control of how it works is a very bad idea. Not everyone is a dummy when it comes to computers. A little more control of how the program operates is better then not letting us configure it in a way how we wan't the program to operate.

I have noticed that after the last big update alot of stuff that was highly configurable is gone. What was the reason that all of that had to go?



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    Hello R,


    Thank you for sharing your feedback with us regarding the automatic virus scan at every Windows startup

    We understand your frustration with the lack of control over program operations and the reduction in configurability after the recent update. Rest assured, our development team is continuously working on enhancing ZoneAlarm NextGen to address user concerns and add more features.


    In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and understanding. As a temporary workaround, you can try adjusting the scan schedule by setting it to a past date to prevent ZoneAlarm from automatically scanning your computer at startup. Here's how you can do it:


    1. Open ZoneAlarm Extreme NextGen and click on the Antivirus icon.
    2. Navigate to the Schedule scans section.
    3. Click on the Blue Setting button next to the scan type you wish to modify.
    4. Set the frequency to "Once" and select a past date to disable the scheduled scans.


    Should you need immediate help, please chat with us live at


    Jasen T.


    ZoneAlarm Support Representative


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