Dear All ,

I've been utilizing ZoneAlarm Free Firewall , and its effectiveness has been evident. I'm reaching out due to a WordPress issue my client is facing.

My client's WordPress site is hosted on a shared hosting platform. Unfortunately, the website has incorporated several free plugins, some of which have introduced harmful viruses. Specifically, the ReactJS plugin has been identified as a source of viruses on our website.

The website of my client

It has come to our attention that these viruses might originate from other sites within the shared hosting environment.

While I understand that ZoneAlarm  doesn't provide a dedicated WordPress plugin, I am curious if they offer any support or recommendations regarding plugins for WordPress virus protection.



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    Hi Steven,


    Thank you for reaching out and sharing your positive experience with ZoneAlarm Free Firewall. We are glad to hear it has been effective for you.


    Regarding your client's WordPress site issue, we understand the challenges of maintaining security on a shared hosting platform, especially with the use of various plugins.


    Although ZoneAlarm does not offer a dedicated WordPress plugin, here are some general recommendations to help protect your WordPress site from viruses:


    1. Consider installing reputable security plugins designed for WordPress.

    2. Ensure that regular security scans are performed to detect and remove any malicious code. 


    If you have further questions or need additional assistance, please feel free to reach out. We're here to help.


    Best regards,


    Jasen T.

    ZoneAlarm Support Team

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