Antivirus Update error that began on the week of 9/24/18

Note: The following article is to only be used if you started getting an Error when you try to do an manual Antivirus Update that started the week of 9/24/18 .


To fix the Antivirus update error you have to download the following program (zaavfix.exe) and save to your Desktop only or the fix will not work.

IMPORTANT: If your browser automatically saves files to your Downloads folder and does not prompt you for a location to save files then you will need to find the file in your Downloads Folder and move the file to the Desktop before running it.

  1. Download from this URL:
  2. At the Prompt click the download button.
  3. When the file zaavfix.exe is on your DESKTOP double click the file to install the fix program.
  4. When you see the WinZip Self-extractor program click the ‘UnZip’ button
  5. If successful you will be notified with a message saying so.
  6. Then close the WinZip self-extractor program.
  7. A folder (FixAvUpd) will be created on your desktop.
  8. Double click on the folder to open it.
  9. To apply the fix double click and run the file named “FIXZA – Shortcut”
  10. Do not run any other program in this folder or you risk ZoneAlarm not being fixed.
  11. After the Fix has ran you will see a text file created in the FixAvUpd folder called “update.log"
  12. You will now need to reboot your PC. After reboot wait 5 mins then open ZoneAlarm and click on Update and your AV should update without an error now.

If you continue to have an AV update error please contact support by live chat.

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