I'm having problems connecting to certain web sites.


Note-This information applies to ZoneAlarm ProZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

The Privacy settings in ZoneAlarm may be blocking some features that thiswebsite needs to work properly, such as cookies, pop-ups and mobilecode.

Please understand by disabling the privacy settings, you are not disabling the firewall, it is only disabling the added feature of blocking cookies and advertisements. If you can narrow down what sites exactly need the pop- up and/or cookies you can leave your settings up and click the Site List tab
and add the site(s) to this list.

The Site List is basically an exception list to your set default privacy settings and will override the privacy settings for the sites you add to this section, but make all other sites not on the list follow the default privacy settings you have set in ZoneAlarm. Please follow the steps below to do

  1. Close all Internet browsers
  2. Open ZoneAlarm
  3. Click the Privacy Panel, Main Tab, turn ALL items to off.
  4. Open your browser and make sure the site is working as expected.
  5. Close your browsers.
  6. Turn your privacy settings back to the settings you would like them,
    and then click the Site List Tab.
  7. Open your browser to the web site that was not working and watch the
    Site List Tab in ZoneAlarm.
  8. ZoneAlarm will add the sites that it has blocked items from to this list
    as it blocks things.
  9. One at a time, right click on the sites that were added and choose
    Options, then remove the checks from the Cookies, Ad Blocking, and
    Mobile Code tabs and click OK.

Some sites will link into other sites to work correctly and these sites shouldpop into the Site List as you browse the page and may need access as well. Some sites, no matter what you do, will need privacy disabled such assites that link into Java sources.

Note- If you add all green checks to the sites that popped into the Site Listwindow from viewing your page, and you still cannot access the page properly, you will need to temporarily disable your privacy settings while viewing the page and enable them again when you are finished.

In addition:

  • You may also be required to configure LSA Shell in your Program list.Please open ZoneAlarm and select Program Control on the left, then click Programs to the upper right. Locate LSA Shell in your list and set the Trust level to Super, then mark the 4 columns after that to Allow.
  • Secure sites may need to be added to the Trusted Zone in ZA, and alsoin your browser if it supports Trusted zones (such as IE6).
  • DO NOT run multiple software firewalls. If you use ZA then you shoulddisable any other firewall software.
  • If you still have problem, be sure there is nothing else conflicting. If youhave ever used any Anonymous surfing or Proxy surfing sites or software, there may be remnants even if it was removed.
  • Some software may use a HOSTS or LMHOSTS file for Proxying - be sure the sites you are trying to access are not listed in either of these files. Some "Internet accelerator" programs modify the HOSTS file. If there is an entry in your HOSTS file for any ZoneAlarm.com site, you will need to comment that entry out, or remove that line. For help with this, see your local Windows Help files.

Note- Links to sites other than ZoneAlarm.com are provided for theconvenience of our users. ZoneAlarm does not provide, and is notresponsible for, the content users may find on such sites.

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